I was born with everything a girl could want.

Married parents, a beautiful neighborhood, private schools, country clubs… Life was perfect, and yet it never felt that way. I always sensed something was missing.

So I set out on an adventure, which turned out to be…messy.

My first love was at 14 and its name was hip-hop. Then I got pregnant at 17, again at 18, and once more at 20. By 22, after one miscarriage, I was the mother of two children and in a violent and volatile relationship riddled with addiction.

At 23, I left with my kids, determined to experience a new sense of peace, happiness, and freedom. I searched investment banks and consulting firms, hip-hop parties and house clubs, spiritual retreats and workshops…I searched for answers and help.

I searched for myself.

It wasn’t until I heard my first mentor say, “Have dominion over your awareness, and you’ll have dominion over your destiny,” that something clicked. I was compelled by the prospect of mental science—gaining dominion over my mind and all the wild activity that lived there.

Through lots of struggle, including welfare, chronically overdrawn bank accounts, disconnected utilities, rotating career pursuits, and relentless dramatic co-parenting attempts, I finally got it.

I am here on a specific mission. Each of us is.

Everything in my life has been uniquely organized to provide me with the skills, expertise, grit, and ingenuity to be a perfect contribution to my community…wherever I choose to create community.

Now raising four children with a partner that is in it with me, expressing my calling through work that feels like play, surrounded by a bounty of loving and inspiring people, I am struck by gratitude regularly. While my inner work and growth looks different than my scrappier days, it is no less textured. Growth and transformation create a deep and fulfilling life.

No matter where you work, who you’re in a relationship with, where you live, or how much money you have, there is a perfect idea of and for your life.

That’s what I hope you’ll find here.

Whether you are hungry for more joy, want a life of fulfillment, want to let go of limiting beliefs, or refuse to ever accept the label of victim, I’m here to help you awaken to the power and perfection that resides right where you are.

I want you to know that you don’t have to look outside yourself to find the answers. You have them, because you are the answer.

Let me show you.

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