Reciprocal Nature

You Are an Inlet and an Outlet for Creation There’s this thing called the reciprocal nature of life. Or reciprocity. See you’re an inlet and an outlet for existence. Oftentimes we can clench or grip on to that which we have whether its a relationship, a job, our money… we see that this is all […]

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Abundant Universe

The Lie of Scarcity is Seductive There is a lot of stimulus fighting for your attention. You and I are being seduced into what I would call, lies of scarcity, all the time. The locus of control is outside of you, and it appears as if the fulfillment of cosmetics, a partner, a vacation, will […]

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Blocks And Beliefs

Be a Conscious Creator That which we call the physical world or the manifest realm is the out-picturing of a system of thoughts and beliefs. If you’re not deeply familiar with the thoughts and beliefs that are running you, you’re creating in this dimension of reality with a vast experience of unconsciousness. Nothing wrong there. […]

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