How Hip-Hop Saved My Life

“I’m not lonely. I’m alone. And I’m holy by my own.” — ‘Holy’ by Jamila Woods   In 1993, A Tribe Called Quest dropped Midnight Marauders. I was a freshman in high school. I can’t remember how I got my hands on that tape, but I played it out. To this day, I know every single lyric […]

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Spiritual Consumerism vs. Spiritual Community

We are longing. We are looking. We are consuming. But are we communing? Consumption is a necessary part of life. We sustain ourselves through food, housing, transportation, clothing, and a plethora of goods. The challenge is when we become unconscious about consumption. When we purchase to fill voids, we get into gross states of consumerism […]

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Mama Bear Talking: Listen Up, Trump.

 Last week, I had a dream. I had a dream that I was asked to coach President Trump. In the White House. Alone. Never one to pass up an opportunity to help guide a soul, I said yes. I walked into the Oval Office, channeling peace. I glanced at the ornate wood surrounding every square […]

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