No One’s Coming to Save You: Be Your Own Salvation

 “Do yourself a favor, become your own savior.”

— Daniel Johnston


 Once upon a time, we were born. We came into this world, new and vulnerable and soft and often quickly learned three things:

 We are loved.

We are mortal.

We are sinners.

 We blast into this world with our voices and our love, yet we’ve bought into the idea that we are broken. We are conditioned to think we need something or someone outside ourselves for restoration and salvation.

 The truth? We aren’t broken. And no one is coming to save us except us.

 But we are outsourcers, you and I. We outsource to our gods, our politics, our policies, our enlightened masters, our therapists, our girlfriends, even our addictions.

 We get worked up about timelines, lovers, solutions, problems, healthcare, religion, sex, money, war and the list goes on. It’s not that getting worked up about any of these things is bad or wrong… it just doesn’t get to the source of the problem, which is this:

 We are here, on this planet, in this moment, to be playful, joyful, sexual, sacred, creative, generous, alive beings.

 That is your job, your real job. That is your only job.

And at some point, along with the good, we have created fear, oppression and domination. We react instead of interact. We do everything we can not to live but to survive.

 Moving out of a survivalist state of mind into one of creative solutions is work. We are comfortable in our little bubbles of fear and triggered reactivity…they are familiar. What did he say to me? Why does nothing go my way? Why am I always so broke? When you live from a place of scarcity and fear, you don’t have access to creative solutions. You’re neurologically unavailable for anything else.

 When you’re in deep on those neural pathways of despair and frustration it’s time to shake it up. Ya’ gotta shift. It’s simple, really. Repeat until you really GET this:

 Fear is not the source of my being.

Money is not the source of my being.

Hormones are not the source of my being.

College is not the source of my being.

A job is not the source of my being.

A partner is not the source of my being.

Healthcare is not the source of my being.

 Here’s the deal — YOU are the source of your being. And your being gets really messed up about so much when we are told so little about who we really are.

Rewire the Wiring

Former Dominican Priest Matthew Fox is a total badass and can breakdown the concept of original sin in powerful game changing ways. Original sin was very intentionally created by the power structure to create a major distraction from your innate perfection. Look, if you can get people buying into an internal dialogue that “I am broken and I need something outside of myself,” then BOOM you control the masses!

 But what’s even more ancient than original sin is original blessing. It goes something like this:

You are Whole. You are Perfect. You are Complete.

 Here are three ways to live through original blessing:

1. Eliminate the words “I can’t.”

 Notice how many times you say the words “I can’t.” If someone asks you to go to dinner and you can’t, consider you are actually choosing not to go…totally cool, just own your choices.

 Everything, no matter how big or small, is a choice. We must stop living like we’re at the effect of our circumstances. If you define yourself with your words, ask yourself this: Is this the story I want to keep telling? Maybe not.


2. Take notice.

 Ask yourself: Where do I believe that life is coming at me and the world is happening to me? We live in a world defined by years and decades and generations of stacked conditioning, all inherited, like clothes held together by fraying thread. The practice of becoming aware is to just notice. When you begin to notice those moments that it “feels” like life is coming at you, that you’re a victim, that you’re acting out of fear, then you have enough space to make another choice.

3. Stop waiting.

The things I get most worked up about when I’m bothered by others are simply unhealed parts of me. We’re always rubbing up against each other to reveal the parts of ourselves that need love and attention. We have to practice being intentional with one another; our lives are so full and demanding, if we don’t, it just goes away. If you’re unhappy with something, stop talking about it, stop waiting for things to change and just change them. Try something new: a new reaction, a new belief, a new concept.

It is your life’s work to fall madly in love with yourself. The work never ends, so start now. And remember, your REAL life starts the moment you wake up, look around and realize that you have everything you’ve ever needed here, now, in you.

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