How to Love the Yuck

We all have yuck in our lives: people, circumstances, chores, body issues. To get rid of it, you gotta love it all — even that which makes you sick to your stomach.

I’ll say that again: Love the yuck, baby.

Remember that old adage you’ve heard a million times — what you resist persists? It’s true.

It’s a big paradox. When we are in resistance to anything, it is unconsciously setting up dominion in our awareness.

I recently wrote a piece titled The Key to Self-Love. And what I neglected to include is that if you retain your judgements and critiques, they will grow. It is such unfortunate news, I know. And yet it is basic science.

We all have resistance. Whether it’s to change, our thighs, the President. Notice your areas of resistance, how you think about banal things like driving, grocery shopping, or bigger things, like war and racism.

Where’s your resistance?



I have spent a lifetime learning to love my triceps. I no longer refer to them as draperies that provide strong visual effect. I practice appreciating them for the soft, supple arms of love that they are.

I have spent a lifetime learning to love my belly. I no longer refer to it as a speed bump. I appreciate the comfy pillow it provides for those who want to cuddle with me.

I have taken this practice so far that my body and my circumstances have altered. You know that expression: “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” It’s true. The greatest physical transformations I have experienced have been during my most devotional periods of self-love.

 As I have learned to Love The Yuck, the Yuck begins to transform. Honestly, I don’t need to explain the process…that’s the ego mind wondering HOW.

Take an inventory of the YUCK in your life: body, relationships, finances, job. What do you feel irritable and judgmental about that has some weight behind it?

That’s your work.



Let me explain: When pussygate occurred, I had a big YUCK to orange men (just being honest). I was wise enough to know that giving someone outside of myself dominion over my peace of mind was not cool or necessary. So I sat my butt down in meditation. And there it was: I was asked to coach a particular orange man in the Oval Office. I got this cosmic download of me inviting this man to grab my pussy.

WTF! (You can read more about that here.)

One of my very favorite quotes comes from Eckhart Tolle. It is my go-to:

 “The greatest act of grace is to accept the unacceptable.”

So what do you have a yuck reaction to? What have you deemed unacceptable? Would you be willing to consider that your resistance to some part of you or a particular circumstance in your life experience is in fact amplifying its power?

It’s time to lay that down. It’s time to bring all the parts of your consciousness into your heart through your practice. It’s time to extend compassion and allow grace to transform your resistance.

It is a much gentler way of living and it will free you up for so much more good.

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