In the Moment: Live Your Life By Getting Out of Your Own Way

“Be who you are and let everyone love that person.”

Wiz Khalifa


The Hamster Wheel

Here you are, clocking time, going around the hamster wheel with appointments, jobs and reminders. Sometimes, you laugh. Sometimes, you cry. Sometimes, you snap at the driver in front of you, the person next to you or even to yourself. You set the alarm, vow to do better and rise tomorrow.

How will today be different, you ask yourself? Should you meditate, pray or start with gratitude? As your feet hit the floor and your limbs shake awake, you are reminded of something:

You matter.

You matter, because you are a living, breathing being, but do you feel fulfilled? Do you feel effectual in your daily life?

Do you feel free?

We all have our moments. That shining light that illuminates and fills us up on special occasions: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, promotions, celebrations. But what if time — that self-imposed affliction in our material world — simply didn’t exist? What if the soul presently occupying a body (i.e. YOU) has called forth this moment as Your Moment?

How would your life be different?



A Little Belief, A Whole Lotta Soul

Consider that the activity of the world has been rightly designed for your soul NOW. Consider that your soul requires the world around you to be as it is to evolve and expand in its next expression.

Consider that you don’t need to better yourself. That your anger, your weight, your shyness — that all of these traits and characteristics serve you in some specific way, not hinder.

And all you have to do to succeed in life is get the hell out of your own way, accept yourself exactly as you are and be willing to grow.



Finding OM

In ancient Asian traditions, OM is the word for God. The definition of the word God is “good beyond good.” Allow yourself to identify with this moment and every moment as yours — to live, to play, to create, to love, to express, to dance, to cry, to laugh, to rest and to appreciate. You are the presence of “good beyond good” and this is your moment.

Stop taking away moments by not being in the moment. Stop trying to hold on so tight. Stop trying so hard to accept yourself and just let go.

It’s your moment. Take it, because no one else will.



3 Ways to Find Your Moment

Look within: Get advice, seek spiritual guidance, hire mentors, but realize that you are the true authority on you.

Believe in the perfection of this now moment: Affirm that you are attracting to yourself the right and perfect opportunities at the exact moment you need them.

Embrace the good: In truth, there is only good. If good is all there is, then everything must be a great gift in your personal becoming. This includes your so-called shortcomings, your past,

your screw-ups and your victories. You are good. Your life is good.


“Remember that the sole life which a man can lose is that which he is living in the moment.”

Marcus Aurelius

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