Investments 101: Making the Most of Your Precious Assets

There are only a handful of really important questions I recommend exploring over the course of one’s life. A critical one among those questions involves Asset Allocation.

When you look at your pool of assets, how are you choosing to allocate them?

You have many assets—you do. Believe me. Even when it seems like others have more, we are all given the same fundamental assets that can shape the course of your life in graceful or challenging directions.

When you begin to consider your assets, you must include anything and everything that falls under the following two categories:

  • Time

  • Energy

So let’s start with time. Your time is most accurately described as the allocation of your energy. Everyone has the same 24 hours. How do you choose to allocate your time… or your energy? Do you invest in richly rewarding relationships, or do you often find yourself feeling disconnected and perhaps even lonely?

Do you invest in social plans that wear you out and require lots of recovery time, or do you find yourself planning activities that nurture and care for the essence that is you?

Simply stated: Does the allocation of your time and energy return an increase or decrease?

 One of the most losing investments you can make is in allocating your time and energy with relationships that are not rewarding for you. Are you familiar with relationships that feel like a vacuum—they suck and suck and suck and suck? So, why do you keep allocating time there? That is the definition of insanity—doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Consider your time and energy as your most precious assets. Consider that the appropriate allocation of that asset could be the most profitable and rewarding investment ever made.

Here’s what I know: Allocating my time and energy in relationships that have a reciprocal quality of inspiration, generosity, interest, and desire grows that allocation. I want my investments to grow. I want my assets to increase in value.

But do I really?

 Every time I notice myself wanting something from a person, place, or thing that has historically not been fulfilling, and yet I want THIS ONE TIME to be different, I question my discipline of asset allocation. Look, relationships are not a one-to-one. I am not suggesting that for every generous act, you should receive a commensurate response. No. That is not the nature of life. That being said, if you find yourself allocating your time and energy in a dry well over and over again, it is YOUR responsibility to stop and ask yourself: “What is up with me that I keep doing this same old thing?”

There are incredible opportunities in this infinite universe that would love to reciprocate your curiosity, interest, desire, and connection. Go where the loving is good. Leave the desert behind you. It’s likely not changing.

Investing your time and energy in relationships, creative pursuits, and opportunities that reflect back to you that which you desire will multiply your assets. You will experience a surge in aliveness and well-being. You will expedite your goals, plans, and desires. You will cut the crap and stop bleeding wasted energy.

Aligning with partners that are committed to drawing out and celebrating your highest self while calling you on your crap is LIFE CHANGING. Give yourself that gift. Get clear on what brings you alive and then surround yourself with people who are living, breathing examples of that vision.

You are a most precious asset. Allocate YOU wisely!

2 Comments on “Investments 101: Making the Most of Your Precious Assets

  • Fuji Fujimoto
    October 10, 2017 at 2:50 pm

    Right on!

  • Fuji Fujimoto
    October 10, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    Hello Rev. Lola, I play bass for the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta and I like your talks,

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