Living Abundantly: Lay Down Your Escape Plan

We treat money as adjunctive to spiritual issues — something wholly separate from our spiritual nature. There is what we know, feel and believe about our spiritual orientation and cosmology, and then somewhere far off is our relationship to money.

So long as we relate to money as “ours” to hoard and bleed, we will be in an unconscious relationship with all that we have. This often leads to an experience of scarcity and a serious atrophied muscle around generosity and giving.

We have largely lost the impulse to care for each other, leading us into a deeper state of lack, limitation and competition during a time in history where western civilization has more disposable income than ever before.

At the height of the depression in 1933, Americans gave away 3.3% of their income to the wellbeing of others through faith communities, charitable orgs., etc. Today, Americans give away 1.6% of their income. We are living in the most resource rich time in the history of civilization…and we’re stingier than we’ve ever been.

Consider that being generous with your resources in a responsible and awake way is one of the most playful, deeply fulfilling and game changing practices you may engage in!



“Your” Money Isn’t Yours!

You are a spiritual being that is currently manifested in this dimension of reality. You are a channel through which energy flows. You are a steward of all the good that you have. What are you doing to raise up humanity with the resources you’ve been given? Notice what thoughts follow that question: Do you hear yourself saying, “Look, I don’t have enough for me! I can’t help others!” or “Other people aren’t my problem. I have to take care of me!” or “I do my part. I am generous. I give the guy at the corner a few bucks every time I see him!”

If we relate to ourselves as channels by which the unseen realm is made manifest, and if we relate to ourselves as part of some greater, vaster universe, we can begin to understand that we are energy in motion and conduits through which “good” flows. If we bless that which we have RIGHT now and give great thanks for the abundance that is right where we are, we avail ourselves to greater peace and joy.

The mind will oftentimes be hijacked by fear, suggesting that if I accept what I have right now, I will become complacent or I will send a message to the universe that I don’t want more. Welcome to the realm of paradox. When you accept life exactly as it is, right now you lay down resistance and free up energy for something new to emerge.

“When you let go of trying to get more of what you don’t really need, it frees up oceans of energy to make a difference with what you have.” ― Lynne Twist

Remember: Appreciate what you have AND understand it is not WHO you are… What you have been given is a gift and a privilege, so honor it.



Find Your Priority

Look at your bank statements and you will quickly realize that which is of greatest priority to you: your house, your cars, your drinking, your shopping, your credit cards… What is it?

This isn’t always a fun exercise. It can be confronting, but it is a liberation practice. Escaping to “good” feelings through spending is short-lived and often leaves you feeling more depleted.

Perhaps you aren’t in conscious relationship with your money energy. Perhaps you’ve been closing your eyes for fear of the sober reality of how/where/why you’re spending your money.

You cannot shift that which you cannot accept. Get related to your patterns and habits!

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. [Matthew 6:21]

Shopping has become an American pastime. Do we really believe that BMW, Lululemon, Whole Foods, fill-in-the-blank is going to deliver on the promises of deep fulfillment that is so often promised in today’s advertising space?

What modifications might you consider making right now to begin orienting yourself toward funding the wellbeing of humanity versus your short-term wants and needs?



Give It All Away

Don’t tell me you can’t afford to give. As a single mother in chronic debt, I started giving as a spiritual practice and my life transformed.

When you orient your relationship with money around first prioritizing a percentage of your income to that which spiritually feeds you and raises up humanity, you are taking a stand for an abundant life. You are declaring that there is more than enough and that you are spiritually mature enough to prioritize that which matters.

Often we think we don’t have much. Track your income and expenses and wake up to all that you have. Make it a game. Begin to find creative ways to draw unto you what you want and need without always having to open your wallet. Step out and stretch your muscle. When we hoard resources, you can be sure that lack, limitation and scarcity are running you.

Have you ever heard the expression “I know I can’t out give God, but I sure can try!” If the word God sends you spinning, consider God as the generous nature of the universe…not some man in the sky pulling the puppet strings of your life! If that doesn’t work, just substitute the word God with Life. Consider Life as the breath that you don’t make an effort to move through your body.

Consider Life the blades of grass that exist in abundance in a field or the ocean that is vaster than you can begin to imagine.

If we uncollapse our old world ideas of God, we are freed up to know our oneness with all that is, to tap into the unlimited field of possibility that is always available to source and supply the desires of our heart. When we care for our resources from that place, the whole game changes!

Here’s your homework: For one week, perform an overt public act of generosity each day for someone else. You will feel amazing…giving to others with a spirit of gratitude is one of the most powerful tools to realizing the abundance that is all around you!

Look, we are here to be generous conduits of the good we have been given. We are standing on ground that has more wealth that 98.4% of all human beings on the planet. I am not diminishing whatever experience of struggle you may be experiencing, but let’s just pause for a moment and ask:


Do you have access to water?

Are you currently utilizing the internet?

Did you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee this morning?

Do you get to eat today?


There is no reason to withhold your good. There is no reason to be reckless with your resources. There is no reason to perpetuate your own experience of struggle or lack. You are a brilliant human being that is intended to be a portal of and for generosity on the planet.

You have been given a unique gift to share with the planet. Use it, grow it, care for it and share it!

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