Money Meditation: Bringing Awareness To Your False and Limiting Beliefs

Join Lola Wright and Dr. Janet Taylor for an online workshop series, You In Pandemic: Shifting From Pain To Purpose, on May 13th and May 20th from 7-8:30pm CT. Register to attend.

On the last episode of this podcast Lola Wright shares a little bit about the development of her personal money story. She reveals a few critical personal experiences that informed her false and limiting beliefs establishing a core pattern of scarcity. Lola encourages you to revisit that episode.

Allow yourself to bring stillness to your body and relax your mind. Breathe deeply as Lola leads you through a guided meditation to support greater awareness around your money story. Be willing to untangle from the patterning of lack and limitation. Rest in the remembering that you are abundance.

Lola reminds you that money is a medium through which energy flows. Use this time of practice to expand your availability and bring greater peace to your relationship with this flow.

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