Tapping Into The Wisdom Of The Body: How To Feel Fear with Kate Hutson

In this episode, Lola interviews her good friend, executive coach, and somatic therapist Kate Hutson on the wisdom of the body. Lola and Kate invite you to bring greater awareness to your Body Intelligence (BQ) so that you may experience the essential ally that is always available right where you are.

Kate shares that in the somatic approach you realize that the body is what signals the mind. As you tune into your body you will become more familiar with the body sensations and feeling states that are informing the mind. As you become aware of the brilliance of your Body Intelligence (BQ), Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and Intellectual Intelligence (IQ) you have greater access to noticing the patterns of the body and mind when in a triggered and reactive response.

Lola and Kate explore fear based responses to trauma as fight, flight, flee, and faint. They discuss the training your body went through in your family of origin as part of your early survival strategy. Lola reflects on the way her “fight” response shows up in her body when in conflict with her husband. Kate reflects on the way her “freeze” response shows up in her body. Kate shares that the somatic responses of the body are wisdom centers used to protect you. The opportunity is to bring greater awareness to your patterns.

During a time of social distancing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic when anxiety and irritability may be amplified, Lola and Kate explore real time practices that you may begin leaning into right away. From dance, cooking, gardening, “vooing”, and meditation Kate offers solutions for you to integrate your body when experiencing fear.

Lola concludes the episode with an open eye meditation inspired by her interview with Kate. Give yourself the gift of a meditation practice led by Lola. You will increase your awareness of patterns in your body and begin to develop new patterns that serve and support you.

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