The Power of Divine Femininity: Why it’s Essential to Be Fierce and Loving.

The divine feminine lives in each of us.

Embracing your creative and expressive center and learning how to guide that center is one of your greatest power moves. Allowing your creative energy to flow wildly through you is the fire you bring to any space. This movement from head to heart is radical, given the hundreds of years of patriarchy we’ve recently experienced.


Humanity is calling for a recalibration.

The feminine essence transcends gender and is required to create a more balanced and harmonious human experience. When any part of us is kept dormant (while another part is exaggerated), our behaviors, choices and values begin to go sideways.

Enter the society and culture we live in today: the unconscious masculine gone awry.

We’ve been misled to believe that the feminine essence is solely vulnerable, soft, receptive and allowing. The heart is made open and all are welcome in. That being said, we are all familiar with the fierce and maternal command of the feminine when needed. It it the voice of clarity that comes in with a powerful presence of love that disrupts the status quo. When you can integrate the feminine through vulnerability and receptivity while including power and ferocity — consider yourself among the most influential of spiritual masters. That recipe is undeniable.


Creative Self-Expression

Tapping into the thing that enlivens you gives you a palpable and sensory experience of greater aliveness… It raises your energy, drops the lethargy, increases your serotonin and provides a life experience of deeper fulfillment and joy. Your feminine center is naturally oriented toward creation. Figure out what brings you alive and go create that!

The moment I began pursuing that which stirred my soul and raised my energy, life started moving quickly, easily and with greater opportunity. I was in the flow! I don’t regret the years I spent in traditional corporate settings. I learned tons of great skills, but for me, I was not in my essence and I was not wielding my creative center.


Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. Howard Thurman


Your Gender Isn’t Your Essence

We are trapped in roles of what we think femininity and masculinity are. Learning to consciously dance with your feminine and masculine energy is a gift you are worthy of experiencing and sharing. Knowing when to invoke the focused, goal-oriented and directive orientation of the masculine and when to invoke the playful, creative, intuitive and available flow of the feminine is a powerful facility.


What’s Sexuality Got to Do With It?

We have been conditioned to be afraid of our sexual energy. It is an aspect of ourselves we hide, thwart, twist and reserve for specific people and carefully selected places. A primary, essential and glorious part of our existence designed to create the desires of our heart is largely misunderstood and woefully underutilized!

Don’t be afraid of your sexual center. And notice when you get your sexual nature confused with sex… You are a sexual being that can circulate powerful and attractive sexual energy. That doesn’t mean you’re inviting anyone into a sexual encounter. Learn to guide and direct your sexual energy… It is potent and totally safe!

A few quick practices to get your feminine flow going…



Take Yourself on a Date — Just You and You.

Do something magical that dances with your sensory experience. This does not need to cost money. Set your table beautifully, eat your favorite meal, run a bath and light some candles, or pull out your journal. Create an experience to nurture yourself. There is nothing sexier and more powerful than a well-cared for human being. When you take care of you, your juices can’t help but flow!



Get Naked.

I mean completely naked. Put on music that turns you on. Stand in front of a mirror (preferably full length) and move your glorious, beautiful body in ways that call forward your feminine essence. Let all self-consciousness go and allow self-awareness to come in. Notice that you may need to practice until you find what feels most natural.




Though it’s all the rage, coloring works. You are a sensory creature that is moved by beauty… We all are. And that which you create is beautiful no matter what it looks like. So lay down your judgement and get coloring, cutting, pasting or painting. Something will stir in you… You will be freed.

What’s Needed Now

If we continue our predominant and systemic ways of being, it is clear that we will self-destruct. The planet cannot keep up and neither will the human psyche. We are not designed to live in perpetual struggle.

It’s easy to go down the path of despair. But honestly, I am encouraged. Many among us are still in a state that requires learning through pain…if you want to know what you (we) are committed to, look at the results of your (our) life. We have plenty of collective pain now to catalyze a new way of being.

Allow your feminine essence to lead you. Consider that YOU are the one to alter the places and spaces you influence. Bring your creative, playful, imaginative, powerful, fierce and transformative presence — this wildly loving presence is precisely what is being called forward.

Own it. It’s so you.

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