Your Relationship With Money Is Entirely Up To You – Get In Right Relationship

In this episode, Lola Wright shares a window into her money story so that you may bring greater awareness into your relationship with money. Lola feels strongly that you have a responsibility to deconstruct and reconstruct your money narrative so that you may walk on the planet with a greater sense of freedom and generosity. You are a money magnet. The question is, “how available are you to give and receive?”

Lola was raised in an affluent North Shore suburb of Chicago until the age of thirteen. Her relationship with money has been informed by her privileged upbringing and then her years on welfare as a teenage mom. Lola invites you into an examination and into sobriety with the belief system that informs your relationship with money. You will be asked to expose your commitments to lack, limitation, and scarcity – consider how those patterns are impacting you and those around you.

Imagine moving on the planet with freedom, aliveness, and magnetism in relationship to money. Lola reminds you that your net worth does not determine your freedom – your belief system and thought patterns create your experience.

Join Lola as she examines and calls you forward into deeper curiosity so that you may have greater peace and contribute greater awareness to the human experience.

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