Michael Beckwith

Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center & Author of Spiritual Liberation and Life Visioning

Reverend Lola Wright’s vision and mission is not only a gift to the Bodhi Spiritual Center, but also to the world. As president of the Association for Global New Thought, I have had the opportunity to personally witness how Lola’s spirit of compassion and loving kindness reveal a heart as wide as the world. A gifted spiritual teacher, Lola offers gentle wisdom and tender healing to all who cross her path.

Brenda Jacobsen

LIFE XT | Chief Executive Officer

The moment I met Lola, I experienced her ability to articulate complicated ideas and thoughts in a way that left me saying, “yes, I get it!” As I’ve become friends with Lola, I see this is just one of her gifts. She comes at the world in a way I see few others: thoughtful, generous, kind, challenging, and spirited. She’s the one you want attention from, and when you have it, you are filled with gratitude. Lola reminds me to think beyond my experiences and see the world through others.

Eric Williams

Owner of The Silver Room, Creator of The Silver Room Block Party and 2018 Loeb Fellowship at Harvard University Graduate School of Design

I love Lola’s style. She’s a compassionate straight shooter who has gone out of her way to listen, advise, and counsel me on several occasions. She’s a fantastic listener and has a unique ability to restate problems that can be answered systematically. She pulls out the best from you. She pulls out the truth.

Annmarie Chereso

Founder of Bring It! Home

Words that come to mind when I think of Lola Wright: leader, dynamic, devoted, powerful, heart-centered, funny, fearless, open minded, socially engaged, witty, accepting, kind, brilliant, courageous, passionate, robust, provocative, conscious, unstoppable, and full of unconditional love. Do not miss the opportunity to be in the presence of Lola Wright and her incredibly powerful spirit. She is articulate, funny, passionate, and devoted to expanding our collective consciousness through a spiritual lens. She is as gentle as she is powerful, and I’ve never met a more generous and open-hearted soul. Lola = Love.

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