Lola is a radical truth teller supporting influencers, changemakers, organizations, and leaders.

Keynote Speaking

Your Super Power Is Meant To Transform The World

There is a super power that only you possess. As you claim that super power, your impact on the planet is quantum. Consider that your primary purpose is to transform the world around you and your unique super power is the way you do that.

One Thought Will Break Open Your Business

Everything that exists in your life experience was preceded by a thought. Our business is a collection of thoughts that is constantly giving us feedback. In order to produce the results you desire, you must become curious about the primary fear-based thought that is motivating all of your activity. As you distinguish that thought, you will break open to new levels of success and aliveness in your business.

Every Struggle Is Here To Serve

Your life is comprised of struggles and triumphs. Consider that every setback and struggle is powerfully designed to propel you into greater levels of service and contribution. As you begin to appreciate the struggle, you magnify your power and impact on the planet. 

Organizational Workshops

What Your Team Isn’t Talking About

Every team has strengths and vulnerabilities. It is easy to celebrate our strengths. It is far scarier to explore our vulnerabilities and address them in meaningful ways that lead to resolution. What dysfunction are you currently experiencing that your team has settled for? Explore and resolve the chronic slowdowns that hold your team back from quantum success.

Leader, Dictator, Or Follower—Which Are You?

We’ve been raised with unique examples of “leadership”. Some are more effective than others. Do you know what your style is? Are you available for an honest exploration of the fears and concerns that motivate your way of being with your team? Consider that identifying your unconscious fears (and how you use them) will enable stronger, more devoted, dynamic, and productive teams.

Group Coaching

With a genius in group and partner dynamics, Lola’s work is adaptable for intimate partnership and organizational behavior. Personal relationship and executive teams share common struggles and frustrations. With practical tools, we will unlock repeated drama patterns so that your relationships experience the creativity, fun, and aliveness that you desire and is possible.

Course Facilitation

A diversity of transferable experience enables “the work” to identify specific and broad issues. Here are some frameworks that Lola draws from frequently:

  • Basics of Mental Science: Identify your own cosmology of beliefs through exploring the realms of science, religion, and philosophy. As you begin to realize the creative power that resides in your conscious and subconscious mind, you impact change in greater ways.
  • Financial Freedom: Identify the habits, patterns, and struggles in your relationship with money. Develop a conscious money narrative. Create an empowered experience of financial freedom that impacts the way you move on the planet. 
  • Conscious Coupleship: Get honest about what’s working and what’s not working in your intimate relationship. Be intentional about what you want and how to create a win for all with your partner.
  • Mindfulness Matters: Apply easy and practical mindfulness tools that support a more robust immune system, increased mental clarity, greater aliveness, and reliable peace of mind.
  • Making Sense of the Moment: When your world has been dramatically reorganized you may find yourself asking new questions and engaging with new possibilities. Explore new ways of being through creativity, responsibility, inspired action, and the three centers of human intelligence – IQ, EQ, and BQ.

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