From the Heart of Lola Wright


Who is Lola Wright?

I was born with everything a girl could want.

Life was perfect, and yet it never felt that way. I always sensed something was missing.

So I set out on an adventure, which turned out to be…messy.

It wasn’t until I heard my first mentor say, “Have dominion over your awareness, and you’ll have dominion over your destiny,” that something clicked. I was compelled by the prospect of mental science—gaining dominion over my mind and all the wild activity that lived there.

Everything in my life has been uniquely organized to provide me with the skills, expertise, grit, and ingenuity to be a perfect contribution to my community… wherever I choose to create community.

Whether you are hungry for more joy, want a life of fulfillment, want to let go of limiting beliefs, or refuse to ever accept the label of victim, I’m here to help you awaken to the power and perfection that resides right where you are.


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